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Levinbook Law is a Leading Real Estate law firm. Our attorneys are experts in all aspects of Commercial and Residential Real Estate, as well as Construction, legal matters.

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Real Estate

Our Real Estate Group has extensive experience in structuring and negotiating all types of commercial and residential transactions.  We specialize in assisting our clients with the purchase and sale of commercial properties, commercial contract leasing and representation of shopping centers and retail tenants leasing multiple locations. 

In addition to handling all aspects of commercial leasing, our firm has developed expertise in representing landowners involving issues related to cell phone tower communications leases.  Specifically, we provide legal services related to cell tower leases such as new leases and lease amendments to existing leases, litigation, disputes between landlords and tenants, environmental issues and general lease interpretation issues.  We have experience in all types of leases, including but not limited to macro cells, small cells, internet-of-things, fiber and in-building/distributed antenna systems.  In addition to the foregoing, we have represented many landowners in connection with lease purchase and easement agreements.  Our clients range from individual landowners to large entities such as real estate developers, condominium associations and public universities. 

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our firm has extensive experience in corporate acquisitions, sales and the financing of commercial properties.  Additionally, we actively engage in the preparation, negotiation and review of leases on behalf of owners, tenants and subtenants for office space, retail and ground leases.  As a niche within the real estate industry, we have reviewed and negotiated thousands of cell tower leases and the purchase and sale of such leases.  Finally, we have assisted clients in the preparation, review and negotiation of construction, architect and engineering contracts, including but not limited to all AIA Current Forms.

Residential Transactions

We frequently represent purchasers and sellers of residential properties (single and multi-family), co-op and condominium apartments as well as residential construction contracts.

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Construction Litigation

The firm is pleased to represent clients across the spectrum of construction law, from owners, contractors, subcontractors and property managers.  Our work consists of representation at every phase of the construction process, from AIA contract formation, to design disputes to the filing of bonding claims.  Our attorneys are frequently involved in large scale projects for both commercial and residential contract disputes.    

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