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Real Estate

Our Real Estate Group has extensive experience in structuring and negotiating all types of commercial and residential transactions.  We specialize in assisting our clients with the purchase and sale of commercial properties, commercial contract leasing and representation of shopping centers and retail tenants leasing multiple locations. 

In addition to handling all aspects of commercial leasing, our firm has developed expertise in representing landowners involving issues related to cell phone tower communications leases.  Specifically, we provide legal services related to cell tower leases such as new leases and lease amendments to existing leases, litigation, disputes between landlords and tenants, environmental issues and general lease interpretation issues.  We have experience in all types of leases, including but not limited to macro cells, small cells, internet-of-things, fiber and in-building/distributed antenna systems.  In addition to the foregoing, we have represented many landowners in connection with lease purchase and easement agreements.  Our clients range from individual landowners to large entities such as real estate developers, condominium associations and public universities. 

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our firm has extensive experience in corporate acquisitions, sales and the financing of commercial properties.  Additionally, we actively engage in the preparation, negotiation and review of leases on behalf of owners, tenants and subtenants for office space, retail and ground leases.  As a niche within the real estate industry, we have reviewed and negotiated thousands of cell tower leases and the purchase and sale of such leases.  Finally, we have assisted clients in the preparation, review and negotiation of construction, architect and engineering contracts, including but not limited to all AIA Current Forms.

Residential Transactions

We frequently represent purchasers and sellers of residential properties (single and multi-family), co-op and condominium apartments as well as residential construction contracts.

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The Levinbook Law Firm, P.C. advises numerous health care clients across various specialties (i.e. dermatology, internal medicine, urgent care, gastroenterology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, anesthesia, OBGYN, podiatry, otolaryngology, radiology, pain management) in the area of corporate transactions, revenue cycle management  (including but not limited to medical billing, managed care appeals HIPAA compliance, and delinquent patient collections) and clinical integration.  We have assisted independent practices and surgery centers evaluate possible transactions with private equity and other third-party organizations.  Additionally, we have developed HIPAA compliance programs as well as medical practice policies and procedures.  Our firm regularly reviews and advises our clients regarding managed care contract negotiations, renewals and related issues and develops action plans for improved revenue cycle. 

Some of our representation includes reviewing vendor contracts and providing feedback to healthcare organizations on recommendations to improve their bottom line.  We have provided legal advice involving Surgery Center expansion, physician recruitment, injectable/implant reimbursement and eligibility issues.  Finally, we provide legal advice regarding all other aspects of the operation of a medical practice and surgery center such as employment agreements, labor and employment matters and supplier contracts.

The Levinbook Law Firm, P.C. specializes in a variety of unique and aggressive appeal techniques designed to overturn denials and obtain interest on inappropriate claim denials.  We have been successful in a wide variety of appeals including, but not limited to insurance prompt payment violations, ERISA/Self Insured prompt pay violations, Workers’ Compensation appeals, Medicare/Medicaid appeals, medical necessity denials and appeals for payment contrary to fee schedule.  In addition, we excel at obtaining positive results for our clients who have outstanding claims against skilled nursing facilities as a result of Medicare recoupment.  We have also been successful in obtaining increased reimbursement in non-participating/out-of-network situations.   Specifically, we offer cutting edge solutions geared to obtain upwards of 80% to 100% of charges for our clients. 

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Collections/Creditor’s Rights


Our firm represents commercial creditors across various industries including but not limited to construction, HVAC and other service contractors and vendors.  Where appropriate, we will file and enforce mehanics’ liens as well as utilize other judicial remedies to preserve our clients’ interests.   


We represent healthcare providers (physicians, surgery centers and hospitals) as well as other types of creditors involving consumer transactions.  On behalf of our clients, we take pride in working with consumers to find fair resolutions to their outstanding obligations.  These services are provided in strict compliance with all regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, FDCPA, HITECH, PCI and other applicable state and federal regulations.

For New York City consumers: Please be advised that The Levinbook Law Firm, P.C. does not provide language access services, however, we do have Spanish speaking employees who can speak to you in Spanish. A translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the DCWP’s website,

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Commercial/Corporate Transactions

Our firm advises companies across various industries with respect to all legal issues involving corporate formation (shareholder agreements, operating agreements and by-laws), purchase and sale agreements, vendor contracts, consulting agreements and related matters.

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Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys are diligent in resolving our clients’ disputes through pre-lawsuit settlement negotiations and where necessary, litigation in the appropriate court.  Our objective is to resolve their disputes in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.  We take pride in frequently communicating with our clients so that there is full transparency into our progress, performance and associated fees and costs. 

We represent our clients in a wide variety of issues such as small contract claims, breaches and/or enforcement of employment, construction or other corporate agreements. 

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Appellate Litigation

The firm is proud to be positioned to represent clients in a range of appellate matters in both federal and state courts as well as administrative and regulatory bodies.  The firm's lawyers routinely handle matters consisting of complex records on appeal and novel issues of law. 

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Construction Litigation

The firm is pleased to represent clients across the spectrum of construction law, from owners, contractors, subcontractors and property managers.  Our work consists of representation at every phase of the construction process, from AIA contract formation, to design disputes to the filing of bonding claims.  Our attorneys are frequently involved in large scale projects for both commercial and residential contract disputes.    

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